In 2010 I read a scientific article about a group of researchers at Harvard Medical School that had “reverse aged” a mouse. Essentially, they genetically engineered a mouse to age rapidly. Then after the mouse got old enough to want a Buick and a condo in Florida, they gave the mouse a drug that clipped the tattered ends of its chromosomes and the mouse reverse aged, i.e., returned to its youthful state. Proof being the mouse was later spotted on Newbury Street drinking a ten-dollar beer, his arms around a couple hotties. One of the researchers referred to the outcome as  the “Ponce de Leon Effect.” In truth, the experiment was more about f’ing up a mouse and then un-f’ing up a mouse. But, it was a good story.

The other day I brought my kids to see the Hunger Games movie and they hated it. (I liked it and loved the book.) They could not understand the basis for the child-on-child violence. A few days later, one of my kids was in the hospital for a week with Lyme Meningitis (put it on the list of things you don’t want to catch). He is fine now. While living in amazingly complex and uncomfortable hospital chairs I wrote a short story called 4Evah. It’s about the consequences of living forever, but it has a touch of Lyme Disease and one ups the Hunger Games in its core premise. It’s six thousand words long and it’s not raunchy like my prior work, THE GENERAL STORE. But, that doesn’t mean its a bedtime story…It’ll cost you ninety-nine US pennies to buy it at Amazon.com. Probably worth it. Check it out. Regards, W4$


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