Remember the Bloody Sock!

I normally blog about self publishing, but today I must digress for my hero, Curt Schilling, is being bashed by the lowly state of Rhode Island for supposedly tanking his company, 38 Studios. It’s not right. And frankly, I’ve had enough. It’s time for Red Sox  Nation to rise up and support our brother, our hero, the man who led the Red Sox to victory in Game 2 of the 2004 World Series with a ruptured tendon in his ankle. Remember the bloody sock?

All Curt did was invest his baseball fortune in a company and then move it to Rhode Island as part of a hopeless effort to revive this backwater state. For, its part Rhode Island contributed a measly $75 million. In turn, Curt put his legend on the line by begging 400 well-educated  employees to leave their real states to move to Rhode Island. Then, when the going got rough, Rhode Island bailed on Curt causing 38 Studios to fail. Worse, Lincoln Chafee, this pathetic little state’s pathetic little Governor, is now accusing Curt of corporate malfeasance.

Yes, it is true Red Sox Nation. A lowly politician is currently defacing our hero. Something must be done.

Because Curt is far too polite to properly bash Rhode Island for its lead role in destroying his beautiful company, it’s time for somebody to say what needs to be said in Curt’s defense. And, I for one am not shy about doing so…

Rhode Island is the crap Massachusetts did not want. It’s not a state. It’s an accident. The best thing that can be said about Rhode Island is that it is small. What does Rhode Island have? Brown Unviersity, a half-ass Ivy League college, and Hasbro, a company that makes plastic potatoes. Give me an f’n break. The Rhode Island’s economy is a joke. Rhode Island’s unemployment rate  is high because its citizens can’t afford cars to leave. The average Rhode Islander is so low tech they think an iPad is a tampon and Andersen Windows is Microsoft’s main competitor. The only reason people from Massachusetts travel to Rhode Island is to have somebody killed or give a dollar to a stripper that looked likes Atilla the Hun. And then there’s Rhode Island’s jewel – Providence. The only difference between Providence and Kabul is one city is populated by backward people that treat woman like dirt, and the other is the capital of Afghanistan.

Let’s face it. There is no good reason for Rhode Island to exist. In a rational world this pip squeak state would have been split in two and forced upon Massachusetts and Connecticut a century ago. But, in today’s world interbreeding worries would make such a deal impossible.

This leaves Red Sox Nation to right this current wrong. I say we follow the lead of Texas, a real state. It knew what to do when its heroes were assaulted. Remember the Alamo?  The time has come for us to do the same…



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